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UCC: Meatballs in fragrant Coconut Broth

Meatballs are such a standard dish it seems, yet I have never made them before. My mum used to make them but I didn’t care so much for them. This recipe however, with a spicy coconut broth, sounded just right to me. Plus the meatballs are freezer friendly, so I doubled up on them. There are two more recipes in the cookery challenge, so I will definately use them.

I started by sautéing onion and garlic in a dash of sizzling olive oil.


After that, I added the softened onions, chilli flakes, and breadcrumbs soaked in milkto the ground beef…


… and kneaded everything together. With wet hands I proceeded to form tangerine-sized meatballs. I froze half of them before I took the following picture. Before I put them into a freezer bag, I put them seperately onto some baking paper into the freezer, so they wouldn’t stick together.


After giving the pan a swift cleaning, I browned the meatballs in hot olive oil.


Once browned sufficiently, I added lemongrass, ginger, cardamom, and coriander seeds, I prepared before, and topped it off with some cinnamon, turmeric, and chilli flakes.




After pivoting the pan to coat the spices with the hot oil, I deglazed with chicken stock and coconut milk.


Once everything was cooked through and aromatic, I strained the broth and portioned some of it into the serving bowls before I added the meatballs. I added a mint sprig for a pop of colour. I did serve some jasmine rice on the side, but I didn’t think it worthy of a picture.


The coriander seeds gave an exciting flavour to the dish, I didn’t know before. I used to cook with ground coriander, which doesn’t compare to the whole seeds, at all. The meatballs themselves were fluffy and light, especially considering they are made without eggs. All in all an interesting take on the dish, although I’m not completely sold on the concept of “exotic” meatballs (but that might just be me, the boyfriend was pretty happy with the results). I’m curious how the other recipes with them will turn out.

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The Ultimate Cookery Challenge

So I first saw Gordon Ramsay on 9gag.

He doesn’t look too friendly, but entertaining. When I later saw some of his videos on youtube, he caught my interest and I did some research. He owns 18 restaurants, which have been awarded 15 Michelin stars in total. That is a LOT. I also read that he swears a lot and is known for using the f-word more often than not, which means additional brownie points in my book. At that point I was seriously surprised, I didn’t hear of him before. Anyway, of all his projects, I like the “Ultimate Cookery Course” best. It aired on Channel4 in England and he published a cook book to go along with it. Show and book share the promising subtitle “100 recipes to stake your life on” – who wouldn’t want that?

By now I tried several of the recipes and wasn’t disappointed even once, an instance I am not used to when it comes to cookin. I concluded that I have to try all 100 recipes and report back.


home-made thyme gnocci with parmesan and strawberry chutney


chilli beef lettuce wraps


easy fragrant fried rice

Gordon Ramsay habe ich das erste mal auf 9gag gesehen.

Da sieht er nicht unbedingt freundlich aus, aber unterhaltsam. Als ich dann zufällig eins seiner Videos auf Youtube gesehen habe, war mein Interesse geweckt und ich habe ein bisschen recherchiert. Er besitzt 18 Restaurants und wurde mit insgesamt 15 Michelin-Sterne ausgezeichnet. Das finde ich schon beachtlich. Außerdem habe ich gelesen, dass er viel flucht, was mir direkt sympathisch ist. Komisch, dass ich vorher nie etwas von ihm gehört habe. Sein “Ultimate Cookery Course”, der in England auf Channel4 ausgestrahlt wurde und zu dem er auch ein Kochbuch veröffentlicht hat, hat mich am meisten angesprochen. In den Videos verspricht Ramsay “100 recipes to stake your life on”, und wer hätte die nicht gerne?

Inzwischen habe ich einige der Rezepte ausprobiert und war bisher von keinem enttäuscht, was mir bisher nicht passiert ist. Ich habe daher beschlossen, alle 100 Rezepte zu kochen und davon zu berichten.